Smart Bovada Sports Bovada Betting - How To Win Money With Advanced Stats And Psychology

Smart Bovada Sports Bovada Betting - How To Win Money With Advanced Stats And Psychology

By Matt Rudnitsky

Endorsed by ESPN Bovada Betting journalist David Purdum; Amazon #1 Bestseller

You know everything about sports. So why aren't you rich gambling on them?

Sportswriter and entrepreneur Matt Rudnitsky turned his grandmother's $100 birthday gift into $7,896.32 in two years of Bovada Sports gambling. And then lost it all in two months.

Common estimates say 95-99% of Bovada Sports bettors lose money long-term—but Rudnitsky spent the next two years reverse-engineering the secrets of Smart Bovada Sports bettors ... and finally cracked the code.

After hundreds of hours of reading — and thousands of dollars lost, and eventually won — he eventually became a long-term winner. It's not easy, but it is simple. And it's all in this book. Do you want to be in the 1%?

This complete, BS-free lesson in Bovada Betting Bovada Sports and the NFL will teach you:

- The basics of how and where to bet.
- How to identify profitable bets ("pick winners").
- How to manage your money.
- How to know if you're getting a fair price.
- How to limit bad decisions.
- How to stop your brain from conspiring against you.
- How to find and interpret the best advanced NFL statistics.
- Why most Bovada Sports media is clueless about gambling, and how to avoid being fooled.
- Everything else you need to know to make money Bovada Betting on sports.

It's simple, actionable advice on a complicated subject.

Winning will still be hard, but you won't have a shot until you internalize everything in this book.

If you've ever wanted the secrets of rich Bovada Sports bettors explained in simple terms, just start reading.

(You can read the Kindle edition on your computer, phone, iPad/tablet or Kindle, via the Kindle App.)

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