Week One - NFL Winners

Week One - NFL Winners

By Guaranteed!

2018 Edition is here!

Do you bet on football games, or participate in football office pools?

Are you a professional gambler, a professional sports bettor, or just someone who enjoys sports betting?

If you said Yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you. It's designed to get you off to a winning start, beginning in Week One of the NFL season. This book contains comprehensive analysis for all sixteen Week One NFL games, along with sports betting tips, advice on picking NFL winners, and high-percentage football betting systems designed to help you win hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars, right off the bat.

Everyone who buys this book is eligible for a FREE September update with any adjustments due to injuries or preseason performance. Just shoot me an email and it's yours. Details inside!

If you're in a football pool at work, or at the local sports bar, this book just might help you win the whole thing.

Take a moment to browse the Look Inside feature for this book and judge for yourself. You're going to find that this is the most detailed, the most comprehensive, the most information-filled Week One NFL betting guide available anywhere on the planet. If you disagree for any reason, simply return the book to Amazon and they will refund 100% of your money. How's that for a guarantee?

What's more, everyone who buys this book is entitled to a free update available the first week of September. You'll actually be getting two books for one. This book, plus an updated email version that will contain any necessary adjustments due to training camp or preseason injuries. The update will also contain information on the latest line movements and steam plays. I'll tell you where the sharp money is going and whether or not I agree with it. (Hint: Expect heavy betting from the sharps on Miami and the Chargers in their Week One games.)

Football Betting to Win

In this book you'll find psychological angles and insights, statistical charts, and everything else you need to make an informed and intelligent decision on which football teams to bet on and which teams to bet against in Week One of the NFL season. There is information in these pages that I guarantee you're not going to find anywhere else no matter how hard you look.

One thing I can say for certain: You don't want to even think about making a bet in Week One without reading the insight I have in this book. These are the exact games I intend to bet myself. And Week One in the NFL is always my most profitable week.

What's more, after almost every game write-up, I include information for future reference. In other words, games to circle for later in the season, so you'll be winning even beyond Week One.

Do You Know?

Do you know which teams qualify for a Week One NFL betting system that is 92-48 ATS?

Do you know which NFL starting quarterback is 1-3 SU and 0-4 ATS against his Week One opponent?

Do you know which NFL head coach just stepped into a 15-4 ATS Week One system? No one expects him to win, but you will.

Do you know which NFL coach is 6-5 SU and 10-1 ATS in Week One, dating back to 2007? You'll be shocked to learn who this is.

You'll find the answers to these questions and much more in this book.

Companion book "Win $700,000 This Football Season" is also on Amazon.

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