Win $700,000 This Football Season!

Win $700,000 This Football Season!

By Guaranteed!

Is it possible to win $700,000 in a single season of regular season football?

You bet it is! Somebody did it last year (actually he won over a million dollars!), and somebody else (possibly you?) is going to do it again this year. How? The answer is only a click away!

Everyone who buys this book can receive my comprehensive analysis of the 2018 draft, free agency, and schedule absolutely FREE by emailing me! (My contact info is in the book.) 2018 edition of this book coming in May!

If you enjoy picking winners in professional football, then this could be your biggest year ever. I'm talking about a massive payout. I'm talking about $700,000 (or more). What would you do with an extra $700,000?

To win that kind of money it helps to have an understanding of the teams, players and coaches in the NFL. So as an added bonus, I'm including in this work my comprehensive analysis and football betting tips for both the Tennessee Titans and the Washington Redskins. (In last year's edition of this book, I included my preseason analysis and betting tips for the Arizona Cardinals and the Atlanta Falcons. This year, I went to the opposite end of the alphabet.)

Here's what I wrote last season about Arizona: "Most sports bettors that I've talked to are expecting a big year from Arizona, and plan to bet them accordingly. Not me. My analysis indicates this team is headed for a major setback. In fact, I think you'll be shocked by what my sources and I have discovered about this team. If you're planning to bet the NFL this season, then you want to be on the right side here, and the right side for Arizona is not the side that everyone is expecting."

That analysis was right on the money, in more ways than one. In fact, I'm the only football writer in the entire country that correctly predicted exactly why Arizona would crash and burn. How did I know what I knew? You'll know yourself by the time you finish this book. (I've included last year's write-ups and football betting tips for both Arizona and Atlanta at the end of this edition.)

Football Betting to Win

So what's in store for Tennessee and Washington this year? You might be surprised by what I discovered about both of these teams. Trust me, you don't want to even think about betting on or against either of these clubs until you've at least read my analysis. Not only do I predict their performance for the upcoming season, I also tell you the exact games in which I intend to bet either on or against them this season!Those games are detailed inside, and I've included them as my free gift to you. They're a must-read if you plan on betting football this year.

If this little sports betting book is able to help lead you to only one winner, or help lead you off just one loser, it will be worth its cost to you many times over.

In this work you'll find a way to channel your skill at picking football winners into a possible payout of $700,000. This isn't sports gambling, it's sports investing. If you have the knowledge - if you can pick winners in professional football - then I'll show you a way to take your sports betting skill and possibly cash the biggest payout of your life. Others have done it, why not you?

Week One NFL Winners

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the 2018 edition of Week One NFL Winners (due out in June). This is the most comprehensive analysis of the Week One NFL games available anywhere on the planet. In it, I cover the entire NFL card, with detailed predictions for every game, recommended teams to bet on or against, football betting tips and betting systems for every team, and the exact games I intend to bet myself. It also includes free updates one week before the season starts.

I'm so sure that you'll agree it's the most valuable football handicapping book you've ever read, I offer it with a full money-back guarantee.

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